Aadhaar will now only be provided in a few centers across Rajasthan.

Jaipur: from now on, aadhaar will only be provided at a few state-designated centers. Furthermore, about 4000 adhar centers won’t be able to assist with major corrections or new adhar registration.

The process of moving the machines in these centers to UCL mode from enrollment client multiple platforms has been started by the department of information technology and communications (DOITC) using equal cost multipath routing software.
In addition, in order to obtain a new Aadhaar registration or make significant changes, individuals will also need to visit individual centers at the district and block levels.
Only 1700 centers will have access to all facilities. Following orders from the central agency UIDAI to switch over 4000 Aadhaar machines in the state to UCL changes are being made to the mode from ECMP mode through ECEMP software, an official stated that.

However, in addition to aadhaar centers, the education department’s 1700 aadhaar centers, post offices, and banks at the district and block levels will carry on issuing new AAD cars and offering correctional services.
According to aadhaar operators, they were previously able to create new Aadhaar cards for people under the age of eighteen and alter their names, birthdates, and photos at Aadhaar centers. These rights are currently limited, though.
The operator is in a dire circumstance. They are unable to alter anyone’s photo or make new Aadhaar cards. People are compelled to visit the Aadhaar center every day, which is upsetting the general public.

You can update your Aadhaar details for free during the next four days.


The free Aadhaar update service on the myAadhaar portal is extended by UIDAI until December 14, 2023. In an Aadhaar center, a 50 rupee service charge was applied for updates. By registering a mobile number, submitting supporting documentation, and adhering to UIDAI’s instructions, you can update your Aadhar details online. obtain an OTP for validation. Select the information you want to update, attach any necessary files, and send the request. use URN to monitor status. get alerts via SMS when the update is finished.


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