NorthEast united vs Bengaluru fc, Indian Super League.

As NorthEast United FC prepares to take on Bengaluru FC in the forthcoming Indian Super League (ISL) match at the Sree Kanteerava Stadium in Bengaluru on Sunday, head coach Juan Pedro Benali anticipates a formidable challenge.

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After losing their last five games, Benali’s Highlanders are keen to beat Bengaluru FC and get back to winning ways. The Blues, who ended their seven-match losing streak against Jamshedpur FC with a 1-0 victory under new head coach Gerard Zaragoza, will now look to keep their winning streak alive at home against NorthEast United FC.

Benali notes that the Blues have altered their strategy under Zaragoza and declines to draw comparisons with their previous meeting, a 1-1 draw against Bengaluru FC in the rematch. Although Benali knows that his team’s matchup with Bengaluru FC will be extremely tough, he still exhorts his players to play to the best of their abilities in order to win their next away game.

“The match against Bengaluru FC will be entirely different,” Benali said at the press conference held prior to the game.

“They have a new coach and a different strategy in their field, so they are a different team now. They and we are on the same page. It will be a really challenging game. However, we’ll carry out our duties; we always aim to achieve the best results when we play away.

With 10 points from 10 games, NorthEast United FC is presently ranked eighth. Benali stresses that he needs time to establish a balance in the team and recognizes the importance of each game.

“Every game is important to us,” Benali remarked.

“We aim to achieve the best in every game we play. The issue is that sometimes another team is in front of you and things don’t go as planned. However, I’m proud of the team and the players. Because we demonstrated that we are capable of performing at a higher level even when facing the Mohun Bagan Super Giant or other formidable teams.

That is our goal. However, we’re assembling a team. We can’t reach 100 in four or five months from zero. Time is what we need. It’s crucial for us that we include young players to play alongside the more seasoned ones, he clarified.

Benali emphasizes that he wants his players to feel that they are not less than their opponents as he exhorts them to stay confident and concentrate on themselves. He admits that it’s challenging to assemble a stable team because 13 or 14 of his players are rookies in the ISL.

Nevertheless, the Spaniard is committed to rising to the occasion and building a strong team.

“Being ourselves and exuding confidence is what matters most. The issue is that we occasionally rush things. Prior to scoring the first goal, we want to score the second. Just play by our rules, be patient, and try not to lose your cool. And for young players, that’s the issue,” he stated.

It is difficult to assemble a very stable team (with 13 or 14 players who are new to the ISL) this year. And that’s what we want to find,” Benali continued.

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“I tell the players to just be themselves. The Spanish player concluded, “The teams in front of us are not better than us.
Benali was joined by Asheer Akhtar at the press conference prior to their upcoming away match against Bengaluru FC. In addition, Akhtar states that he believes it takes time to give players who are participating in the ISL for the first time confidence.
“Playing with 14 players who are new to the ISL is not easy when it comes to building confidence,” he said.

We have faced numerous teams like Mumbai City FC, Mohun Bagan Super Giant, Odisha FC, and Kerala Blasters FC that are ranked in the top six or higher in the table.

In light of what we have been trained, I believe we have done an excellent job. We are on the right track now, slowly,” the defender continued.

Playing for Benali, who has over twenty to twenty-five years of coaching experience, is a terrific experience, according to Akhtar.

He said, “It’s really a nice experience,” in context.

“He has over twenty to twenty-five years of experience as a coach, and he has worked in many different countries. Many of the things I have learned are completely new to me as a result of those experiences. I have gained a lot of knowledge from the coach,” he said in closing.

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