Nora Fatehi exposes fabricated footage after falling victim to deepfake.

Nora Fatehi exposed a deepfake video scam in which she appeared in a spoof video for a clothing line. Deepfake videos have previously been the victim of Rashmika Mandanna, Katrina Kaif, Alia Bhatt, Kajol, and Priyanka Chopra.

nora fatehi deepfake

Following Priyanka Chopra, Alia Bhatt, Katrina Kaif, Kajol, Rashmika Mandanna, and Kajol, Nora Fatehi’s deepfake video went viral. A video featuring the actor-performer promoting a brand was gradually becoming more and more popular. Calling it out, Nora shared a screenshot of the video on her Instagram stories.


Nora Fatehi was one of the most recent celebrities to fall victim to the ongoing deepfake war, which has resulted in an alarming rise in deepfake cases in India. The actor is seen endorsing a fashion brand in the viral video. It would be difficult to deny her because of how flawlessly the video is done. Everything about Nora, including her voice and body language, has been captured in the video almost flawlessly.

Nora called out the same thing, posting, “Shocked!!!” on her Instagram stories. I am not this (sic).”

nora fatehi deepfake

A deepfake video is a type of artificial media created using machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) techniques. With the use of this technology, videos can be altered, usually by replacing a person’s voice or face in an already-existing video with the likeness of another. Through manipulation, an illusion is produced, giving the impression that the person in the original video is saying or doing things that never happened. The advent of deepfake technology has raised concerns about its potential for misuse in producing fabricated or misleading content, which poses a threat to the legitimacy and accuracy of visual media.

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