The GTA 6 trailer drops; Fans “can’t believe it’s happening” see the new character, release date, and other details.

The ‘love and crime’ themed GTA 6 trailer, which is set in Vice City, introduces Lucia, the game’s first female protagonist. Several Rockstar titles are coming to Netflix

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The trailer for Grand Theft Auto 6 is out! The ‘love and crime’ themed trailer for Rockstar Games’ upcoming game has finally been released, following a protracted wait and frequent delays from the developer. The developers unexpectedly decided to release the trailer 15 hours earlier than expected after it was discovered to have been leaked ahead of time. Nevertheless, the teaser went viral on social media, igniting comments and building excitement among fans for additional information, a release date, new characters, and other details.

The first GTA 6 teaser has fans giddy with anticipation for new character arcs.

Tuesday’s hours provided a visual feast and a dopamine rush for fans of Grand Theft Auto. Grand Theft Auto 6 tells the tale of a passionate and violent relationship between Lucia, the game’s first female protagonist, and a lone male lead set in the Miami-inspired Vice City. Rockstar Games released a special statement on social media in conjunction with the trailer. “Please watch the real thing as our trailer has leaked,” the developers wrote.

There will be a long wait for fans as the trailer points to a 2025 release. In the GTA 6 teaser, Lucia, the first female protagonist, makes her prison debut. Later scenes in Vice City feature Lucia committing heists in the vein of Bonnie and Clyde. The upcoming game is a follow-up to the well-liked 2013 video game GTA V, which is the second-best-selling title after Minecraft.

The game will debut in 2025 on the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X and Series S, according to Rockstar Games.

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Fans expressed their excitement on social media. “Me trying not to die before GTA 6 drops,” one fan wrote. Other fans included “I won’t be surprised if Eminem doesn’t drop before the release of GTA 6 in 2025,” “GTA 6 trailer crosses 30M views on YouTube in 4 hours,” “me in GTA 6 blasting BLACKPINK on the radio,” and “The internet to rockstar games after leaking the gta 6 trailer and then asking for gta 7.”

In a press release, Rockstar Games stated that “Grand Theft Auto VI takes players to the state of Leonida, featuring the vibrant streets of Vice City and beyond in the most expansive and immersive evolution of the Grand Theft Auto series to date.”

Is Netflix going to release GTA 6?
Rockstar has independently disclosed a partnership with Netflix to bring several of its titles to the gaming section of the streaming service, even though there isn’t an official confirmation as of yet.

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